About 7am
Every day, I get to help business owners figure out what they need and find someone to get it done for them.

What's this all about?

Good Question! You remember that line from Layer Cake, "The art of good business is being a good middleman?" Well, that's us in a nutshell.

For over two decades, our main guy, Lee Tengum, has been diving deep into the tech and sales world. Think of him as that friend who’s seen it all - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. He's been on both sides of the table, and he knows what it feels like to get a raw deal.

That's why we're here, every day, bright and early. We're here to make sure you don't get hosed. We're not just matchmakers; we're your frontline defence against the sharks out there. We've got the know-how from years in the trenches, and we'll connect you with folks who are the real deal.

So, what's our game? Simple. We listen to you, figure out what you're after, and then introduce you to the rockstars who can make it happen. No fluff, no runarounds, just straight-up good business.

In a world where everyone's out to make a quick buck, we're here to have your back. Welcome to the layer cake, I mean, 7am.