I fix sales in one day.

I provide on demand sales support designed to show returns immediately.

I can jump in with your existing sales team to provide assistance or build you a sales process from the ground up and staff a team to run it for you.

No fluff, just results.

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Beautiful street in Dresden at the Georgentor, sunriseby Ruben Hanssen

“Lee was an absolute beast when it came to seeing our app through to launch and getting us sales!

Matt Carver, Standard Hotel

I've helped my clients expand their reach by more than 11 million, in the last year alone.

All that's standing between you, and these kinds of results, is a super easy phone call.

4.9 out of 5 based on 768 reviews
300+ people I’ve worked with

Some of the best success I've personally had in launching products has been with Lee's close guidance and support.

I can't recommend working with him enough, I guarantee he'll get you to your finish line.

Ben Edmunds
DPC Spot

I've worked with Lee and his products for years now and it's always been an absolute pleasure. Dealing with Lee directly has been awesome, the guy really knows his stuff.

Jon Contino
Contino Studios

Lee is an amazing problem solver. He's built and sold more products and services than I've ever even dreamt up.

Phil Sturgeon
To the victor goes the spoils.

I get 15 minutes of fame.
You get the spoils.

Sure, you're going to pay me handsomely for what I do, no one thinks otherwise. What you are however going to get makes my fee seem insignificant.
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Product Designer
We’re looking for someone motivated and experienced to join our team.
SEO Marketing Manager
We’re looking for someone motivated and experienced to join our team.

Why work with Lee?

Most agencies are playing the same old game, copy and paste from one client to the next and charge an arm and a leg for it... That's not my game.
Lee @
How I things
No drawn out proposals
Results within days
Sales driven decisions
Latest tools and gadgets
A path to actually getting leads
A person you can call for help
A price that will please you
Other Agencies 😞
Features not included :
Weeks to get a proposal
Everything takes weeks to see
All client needs are the same
Stuck in 2013...
"We put a contact page on there..."
Developers in far away time zones
Need to justify 6-8 weeks of dev $

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