How excited would you be to speak to a room of 200 engaged people?

Probably quite excited. That's 200 opportunities to expand your reach, to put an offer in front of them, and to turn them into fans.

Finding an opportunity like that, with 200 highly engaged people, is a daunting task. You'd likely need to be invited by an organization or purchase a spot at an event.

There is another way; actually, there are a few ways to get in front of an audience of that size.

#1 - Grow a mailing list.

Of all your efforts, a mailing list has one of the highest rates of return, it's something that persists, and the best part of a mailing list is that you own it.

So whenever you want to reach that audience, you can do so without having to pay someone else for access, like paying Facebook for ad space to reach their audience.

Growing a mailing list to 200 or more subscribers is an easy thing to do and worth every bit of effort.

Think of your mailing list like your advertising network. So long as you're nurturing it and providing value, it will continue to grow and bear fruit.

#2 - Be a guest on a podcast

By being a guest on a podcast, you're able to reach into someone else's audiences and put yourself in a position to showcase your expertise and services.

While this seems like an intimidating endeavor, podcasting is one of the easiest and most laid back ways to grow your audience.

The podcast host has a vested interest in making you sound as good as possible, both vocally and subject matter wise, so they're often very good at coaching and asking leading questions.

The best part is after you have your call, the podcast host does all the work. You sit back and then help promote the show after it is released. Easy.

A benefit of podcasting is that the show notes will contain your name and a link back to your side to establish you as an expert. These notes get syndicated across many podcast sites and iTunes and go quite a ways to increase your search rankings.

Both of these options are easy enough for a business owner like yourself to take on, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you down that process.

In an upcoming article, I'll show you just how easy it is to build your mailing list and the steps you need to find a podcast of which to be a guest.

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