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Stale List Recovery

So you paid someone a lot of money to build you a website. You poured all that time and money into a fancy new representation of your business, your goals and put it out to the world.

Along the way, a newsletter signup form was put on your site, either by your request or maybe your developer added it, might have just been part of the theme they used... But it's there and it's a great idea, but as of now, it's just that, an idea.

You were building an awesome asset with your mailing list, but you've forsaken it for more urgent maters and now it's stale.

If it's been more than 30 days since you sent your last email to that list, it's in danger. If it's been more than a year, it's critical and we need to act urgently.

You really have two choices at this point.
* You can start over fresh, new list and new members
* You can try to salvage what you can from your current list

Can this list can be saved, maybe... it'll take some work but the good news is that many subscribers can be moved from stale to active.

You already paid good money to get these people on your list, let's get them warmed up and back to an active status today!

Text me, 250-417-5497 and let's get started rebuilding your most valuable asset.

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